Saturday, September 09, 2006

probert vs cochrane (length: 02:12)

hockey fight

NHL Checking (length: 02:30)

Best NHL Checking Highlights

Rendez Vous 87 NHL-USSR 8 (length: 00:58)

Game 2 of the 2 game series, first goal scored by Mark Messier. Thanks to KnucklesNilan for the clip

Pankewics Scores (length: 01:03)

Greg Pankewics of the Colorado Eagles scores an amazing goal against the oklahoma city blazers

Adam Calder V Jan Magdosko - 18/12/04 (length: 01:02)

Ice hockey fight from the British Elite Ice Hockey League.

Friday, September 08, 2006

cgp - chhj (length: 00:38)

Puigcerda - Jaca

2005 - January 5 - Westboro Gamblers vs. Gladiators (length: 01:38)

Final score: Gamblers 6 Gladiators 4
6 highlights from this game, of each of the 6 Gamblers goals. They were scored by: Dave Allston, Chris Myles, Alex Morrow, Jonas Patterson, Dave Allston again, and Albert Stoffers.

George Armstrong - Toronto Maple Leafs Blast from the Past (length: 01:01)

A tribute to Toronto Maple Leafs player George Armstrong, who had the nicknames "Chief" and "Army" and captained the Leafs to 4 Stanley Cups.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ovechkin Video Tribute (length: 03:04)

i didnt like any other videos that were made about ovechkin so i made my own

Park Hockey Shootout Me 02 (length: 00:19)

Park Hockey Shootout Fucking gay ass concrete...

hockey (length: 05:04)

song list
1. lights out by letter kills
2. Start Something by Lost Prohpets
3. by letter kills

nc playoff hockey 9 (length: 00:38)

nc playoffs

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oilers vs. Sharks - Game 4 Round 2 (length: 07:30)

The story of the game from beginning to end.

Chuck Brunswick Hockey Fights (length: 01:46)

A video of hockey fights set to the music of Western Mass Hardcore band Chuck Brunswick, dedicated to the band themselves.

probert vs coxe R2 (length: 00:54)

hockey fight

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Luc "Caillou" Roy (length: 06:08)

Plusieurs vidéos de Luc Roy pendant qu'il portait les couleurs des Castors de Matane et des Forestiers de la Vallée. l'ancien homme fort des Voltigeurs de Drummondville, des Flames de St-Jean et des Arkansas RiverBlades joue maintenant chez

Brodeur Flying Save (length: 01:19)

Martin Brodeur makes a spectacular flying save agains the New York Rangers on April 24, 2006. Devils won 4-1!!

Stock vs. Peat (length: 00:37)

hockey fight

Stanley Cup Festival Introductions II (length: 01:00)

Video Clip from the Stanley Cup Festival in St. Cloud MN, August 12, 2006 -- Carolina Hurricanes Bret Hedican and Matt Cullen share the cup with St. Cloud State University fans.

More of the introductions -- the clip begins with the intro

Sabres Round 1 & 2 Images (length: 02:39)

Various photos of the Buffalo Sabres from rounds one and two in their quest for the cup...

Fedoruk vs Parros (length: 00:59)

A hockey fight!

Mini-Mite Hockey 2 (length: 04:55)

2nd overtime in a thrilling championship game played by 5 and 6 year olds

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hockey - Bull Fight (length: 03:00)

Hockey at Tio Leo's Lounge in San Diego, March 18, 2006. The video gets cut when I accidentally hit the stop button - and then starts up again.

Tomy Hockey final (length: 00:13)

final minute of playoff

We Want The Cup NHL2K5 Video (length: 05:59)

We Want The Cup makes an NHL 2K5 music video. This is the short version

Hockey hits (length: 02:32)


Colorado Sushi (length: 01:45)

Colorado gets turned to Sushi by the Japan National Team.

Music by Mozart.

NHL2k6 by EA Sports

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. If this is such a pathetic waste of time, then why would you.. 1. support it by watching 2. take time to comment and 3. Try and prove a point, that you can't.. because Colorado sucks
2. yeah this is pretty pathetic. get a life. what kind of a loser spends his time recording video games? the avalanche rule and always will.
3. hahahahahaha.....and they got swept by the ducks. ducks > avs. You and your avs are completly pathetic.
4. gay ass video and jose theodore sucks.

Go Anaheim Ducks!
5. This video was made for a great fan, Duhockey


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Brian Boyle scores vs Maine in the Hockey East Semifinals (length: 00:14)

Brian Boyle scores against Maine in the Hockey East semifinals

Campbell lays out Umberger (length: 01:57)

Brian Campbell throws a huge hit on R.J. Umberger in the first OT of the first Flyers-Sabres playoff game. Apr 22, 2006.


some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. I'm an unbiased member of the media that used to ref. I was in the pressbox for this game. It was a simple clean check that changed the face of the game for Buffalo. The arena showed this check one time on the scoreboard, and the fans stood and cheered when RJ got back to his feet. In the locker room, I saw RJ and talked to him, he said he was "ok" This wasn't true because he did not play in game 2. He got a concussion, and he will probably be out for maybe the rest of the playoffs

2. Oooooo, yeah? That hit's got your panties all in a bunch. what's the matter sweetheart, the litte "pussy from Buffalo" just straight-up owned one of your Broad Street "bullies?" Yeah, i guess that's gotta suck getting laid out by a pussy. I'm glad he's ok but why don't you have Tough Guy skate with his head up next time? BTW- totally legal hit. if Campbell was "head hunting" your boy's ass would spending the rest of the series at TJ University Hospital.

3. That was one of the biggest cheap shots ever. And the way that you dumb asses in the areana handled it was a discrace to the hockey comunity. I know for a fact that if that happened in Phily they wouldn't keep on playing it over and over. Plus your guys got the shit knocked out of him during the next series. He was laid out and had to be brought off the rink in a stretcher. and at least umberger had the balls to go out and still play in that series. So up yours you fuckin fagets.

4. I think it's funny that these Cryers fans are talking about having class. Look at your team. A player who used to be one of the most disiplined players in the NHL, Peter Forsberg, went after Briere and checked him into the boards in a very cheap shot, which he got a penalty for by the way. It just shows what putting on a Flyers jersey does to even the most disiplined players. And if you didn't have Forsberg, you wouldnt have even made it to the playoffs.

5. Because he could have been injured. It was my understanding that the arena's just don't replay something that a player is seriously injured on and at the time it looked like could have been really injured. Examples I can think of off the top of my head are the Suter cross-check on Paul Kariya, Lemieux's hit on Draper, that guy on Montreal who blocked the shot and almost died because he esophogus was cracked (Clearly I think?), etc etc.

Sean playing hockey (length: 00:33)

Sean and Chris playing hockey in the kitchen

Clint Malarchuk gets throat slit by skate (length: 01:15)

Clint Malarchuk gets his throat slit by a players skate and bleeds all over the place.

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. Tuttles skate hits him in the neck - almost like a kick, not a slice like a knife. I was reffing in Dallas in an adult league game when a player got pinned against the boards, he cartwheeled thru the air and this skate came up and kicked the defensemen that had checked him in the neck. Tons of blood (not as much as Malarchuk) - we got him to the dressing room and then decided to get him to the hospital - no time to wait for an ambulance.

He survived. But it was scary.
2. I was at the game that night. People were passing out in the stands. Nobody knew if he lived or died until after the game when we got home and watched the news. Remarkably, he returned to play two weeks later.
3. I was watching CSI yesterday and it was the episode with the hockey player and his neck cut open. I told my brother that this incident was dedicated to him for an episode of CSI.
4. thankz for the info... but do u know where i can c the rest of the vid. i wanna know wut the commentator meant when he sed 'but it was too late'
5. they were probably in shick and 2 be fair what could they do a severed atery is very very bad im amazed he survived or was even consouis

Real Hockey Fights (length: 04:36)

A great compilation of Hockey Fights.

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. That was the fight that ended his career that's why. They have him hosting a show now with a drool bucket attached to his chest.
2. Lmao!! The 2:20 fight! XD Is the last fight... Why the dude stop moving? Is he K.O. Too embarrased to stand up or dead?
3. lol i love how the refs just wait for someone to fall before coming in...
4. Flyers kicked A$$ in this. I hate that Burtuzi hit its a cheap shot.
5. awesome....check out nhl record fight

nhl best hits

nhl enforcers

NHL 2K6 Highlight Reel: Round One, Game Four


hockey knockouts

compalation of knockouts

Eddie Belfour

Just watch this...

Canes Goal

Game 7, Eastern Conference Finals- Justin Williams gives the Canes a 4-2 lead, 19:08 into the 3rd period, all but clinching a birth to the Stanley Cup Finals.

NHL Fights

Compilation of nhl fights



hockey fight

tight ass hockey fight